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  • Poznáváme Afriku a arabské země CZEFRICA.com
  • Poznáváme Afriku a arabské země CZEFRICA.com
  • Poznáváme Afriku a arabské země CZEFRICA.com
  • Poznáváme Afriku a arabské země CZEFRICA.com
  • Poznáváme Afriku a arabské země CZEFRICA.com

African and Arab countries

In respect of tourism and travelling, Africa and Arabic-speaking countries are strikingly diversified. Some of them rank among the top players globally and among the world's most attractive destinations. On the opposite end of the imaginary scale, countries may be found where visitors will face hardships or even extreme risks. Many African and Arab countries have well developed infrastructures capable of accommodating even the most sophisticated travellers, while others offer only a minimum comfort. We introduce all the African and Arabic-speaking countries, from the most advanced to those still keeping their treasures largely undiscovered.

Our survey of African and Arabic-speaking countries is supposed to bring not only basic information on them but also useful guidelines for tourists. This is why we offer to each and every African and Arabic-speaking country the option of presenting their tourism potentials at this website.

The information we provide on the African and Arabic-speaking countries always come from reliable sources, are checked on and updated on a regular basis.

The entries of individual African and Arabic-speaking countries carry their official names in Czech, in the official languages of the countries concerned and, if English is not official language, also in English. Also included are the names of the capital cities; the official languages; the flags; the contact details of their respective diplomatic and/or consular missions to the Czech Republic or those closest to the Czech Republic's territory; the time zones; the names of currencies (including the exchange rates to the Czech crown); and the population numbers.

Special attention is given to air travel. Any African or Arab country may be reached easily from Prague, the Czech Republic's capital, with the only exception of St Helena island which can only be reached by ship. Nevertheless, only United Arab Emirates and, in the summer season, Malta are served by scheduled direct flights from Prague. Travelling to most other countries requires just a single transfer, in five cases two transfers are needed. Recommended transfer hubs are indicated in each country's entry (based on the latest flight schedules).

The countries' entries are accessible in the Czech language. The African and Arabic-speaking countries covered are as follows (for your convenience we give the Czech names, if they differ from the English ones, in square brackets):

Algeria [Alžírsko], Angola, Bahrain [Bahrajn], Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon [Kamerun], Cape Verde [Kapverdy], Central African Republic [Středoafrická republika], Chad [Čad], Comoros [Komory], Congo [Kongo], Congo (Democratic Republic) [Kongo (Demokratická republika)], Côte d'Ivoire [Pobřeží slonoviny], Djibouti [Džibutsko], Egypt, Equatorial Guinea (Rovníková Guinea), Eritrea, Ethiopia [Etiopie], Gabon, Gambia [Gambie], Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq [Irák], Jordan [Jordánsko], Kenya [Keňa], Kuwait [Kuvajt], Lebanon [Libanon], Lesotho, Liberia [Liberie], Libya [Libye], Madagascar [Madagaskar], Malawi, Mali, Malta, Mauritania [Mauritánie], Mauritius [Mauricius], Morocco [Maroko], Mozambique [Mosambik], Namibia [Namibie], Niger, Nigeria [Nigerie], Oman [Omán], Palestine [Palestina], Qatar [Katar], Reunion [Réunion], Rwanda, Saint Helena [Svatá Helena], São Tomé and Príncipe [Svatý Tomáš a Princův ostrov], Saudi Arabia [Saúdská Arábie], Senegal, Seychelles [Seychely], Sierra Leone, Somalia [Somálsko], South Africa [Jižní Afrika], South Sudan [Jižní Súdán], Sudan [Súdán], Swaziland [Svazijsko], Syria [Sýrie], Tanzania [Tanzanie], Togo, Tunisia [Tunisko], Uganda, United Arab Emirates [Spojené arabské emiráty], Yemen [Jemen], Zambia [Zambie], Zimbabwe.



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